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   Hello, I'm Josh Neal and I am a production sound mixer among many other things!  I've been living in Portland, Oregon for ten years now but have been mixing sound for over seventeen.  My original roots are in Northeast Ohio, a great place to be from but not to end up.  After college I moved to New York City and began my career as a location sound mixer.

  I greatly enjoy the process of capturing audio as well as the interesting places it has taken and continues to take me.     

  I’ve worked on just about every type of project out there but I enjoy compelling documentaries and scripted narratives the most.

  Outside of my career, I have a passion for drawing, digital art, and art in general.  I also love to travel, having backpacked parts of Asia, Europe, Central, and South America.

  I enjoy playing and recording music.  I also enjoy the practice of meditation and mantra chanting.

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